Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

Probably the strongest location in Baja for real estate. Although It’s not a surprise; no one is prepared for the impressive scenery that Los Cabos offers. Arriving and seeing the immensity of a blue sea colliding with large glowing granite rocks is a natural spectacle, the pristine blue waters of the Sea of Cortez create the perfect backdrop for living in a true paradise.

The granite rock formations that extend to Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas have, over time, become much more than mere boundary markers or evocatively shaped oddities. The jutting promontory is a living symbol of the city, a sort of cinematic shorthand; and to see so much as a silhouette is to know exactly where you are in the world.

Cabo has become one of the most important destinations for people from all over the world, especially from the USA and Canada, making this location one of the favorites to look for real estate in Baja.

El Arco, in particular, is now as symbolically synonymous with Cabo San Lucas as White Cliffs with Dover or the Rock with Gibraltar.The naturally formed Arch bounded by two immense bodies of water–the Sea of Cortés and Pacific Ocean–is a staple image on postcards and photographs, on souvenir T-shirts, shot glasses, tequila bottles and of course the cover of most real estate flyers and magazines promoting the city.

In addition to its geographic and symbolic importance, Land’s End is also immensely important historically, and a thriving habitat for native flora and fauna, both above and below the waterline. Sea birds roost on craggy perches. Sea lions bask and bark. Marine life teems in the nutrient rich waters that hug the shore.

Probably now you start to understand why Cabo has become what it is today, one of the most visited cities in the world, hence, a place where new and fabulous developments are being built everyday, increasing the real estate activity in a really high level.

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City located in southern Baja California Sur state, Mexico. It is the seat of Los Cabos Municipality lying at a shallow bay 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Cabo San Lucas on the Gulf of California.


In the early 1530s, the first expeditions to explore this area were carried out by Hernan Cortés. Therefore, this small town holds adventurous stories since it also once was used as a pirate hideout.


The city has a population of 93,069. San José del Cabo together with Cabo San Lucas are known as Los Cabos.

Together they form a metropolitan area of 305,983 inhabitants.


There are both private and public higher level schools, with the highest recognition being the World University of the private sector and the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Los Cabos (ITES) as public.


Los Cabos has two airports: Los Cabos International Airport located in San José del Cabo that serves the San José del Cabo area and Cabo San Lucas.

And the Cabo San Lucas International Aerodrome located in Cabo San Lucas, which serves as the base for a regional airline, has air taxi service and services for general aviation

So, What is there to do in Cabo?

Now that you know Cabo is the greatest place for real estate, we want you to know a little more about it and what it has to offer to anyone who lives or visits the city.

Adventure abounds in Cabo San Lucas, as there is certainly no shortage of things to do for the traveler. Water activities are a main draw for couples as well as families with kids, as world-class snorkeling and scuba diving can be found at the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cabo Pulmo reef where down below the surface numerous tropical fish fin around to the delight of the observer.

On land, visitors looking for a real fun rush can partake in zip lining, which offers quite a unique sightseeing experience 600 feet up from the ground as you fly through the air tethered to a wire. For a more relaxing endeavor, slow it down a bit and play any of the golf courses or enter the spas on-site at many hotels to calm your senses.

El Arco in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

The Arch Of Cabo San Lucas

The distinctive landmark of Cabo San Lucas is the rugged taffy-colored El Arco (The Arch) rock formation that erupts from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Also known as Land’s End, El Arco is a popular tourist attraction and the central focus of countless vacation photos.

A visit to Land’s End is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Getting there is easy and you can view the iconic golden arch from your boat or ask the captain to drop you off and arrange a pick-up time. En route, you will pass lazy sea lions basking on the rocks.

Tours & Activities

The amazing Sea of Cortez, named by Jacques Cousteau the “Aquarium of the World”, invites visitors to take part in many adventures such as a boat trip to “El Arco”.

Travelers will find this giant arch-shaped rock formation astonishing. Add the opportunity to kayak, snorkel, SCUBA dive or stand up paddle, and the experience becomes unforgettable. The camel adventure is another great activity allowing travelers to embark on a hike and camel ride through the desert by the sea.

Additional activities sure to be a hit include swimming with dolphins, zip-lining, surf lessons, swimming with whale sharks and much more.

Tour boat sailing at Cabo's seas
Los Cabos beach in Baja California Sur

Beach Tour

The best escape anyone can have! Whether it’s surfing, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding or simply a romantic walk by the shore? Los Cabos has a beach for you.

The southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula hypnotizes visitors with the motion of its gentle waves. The sapphire Sea of Cortez meets the indigo Pacific Ocean, and their waters cradle some of Mexico’s most stunning shores.

Whether you’re looking to surf, launch a kayak, wave runner or stand up paddleboard, picnic with the family, walk with your sweetheart, or watch the whales up close and personal, there’s a beach in Los Cabos designed perfectly to accommodate.

Underwater marvels, great surfing and plenty of water sports make Los Cabos a wonderland for beach lovers. Experience a desert adventure, get thrilled with marine life, have fun between the two seas or feel the adrenaline from the air. Explore the wide variety of activities and enjoy to the max.


Playa del Amor:

Located behind the Arch and can only be accessed through a water taxi from El Médano Beach or from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Here you can swim and snorkel only on the bay side. Playa del Amor is perfect to spend a day with your partner admiring the fascinating landscape and relaxing watching the waves crash on the rocks.

Playa del Divorcio:

Located in the Pacific Ocean, just a few meters walk away from Playa del Amor. It is impossible to swim due to the strong currents and tides that originate in this area; but, it is excellent for walking in the sand, relaxing and enjoying the rays of the sun. The way to get there is by taking a water taxi from the marina or from Playa El Médano.


It is an extensive beach that rises from the rocks of the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Ideal to go for a walk, enjoy the breeze and if you come between January to March, hopefully you will be able to appreciate the Gray Whale. It is not suitable for anything. In it you will find various hotels that offer all the services for a great vacation such as the Solmar, the Hotel Finisterra and Playa Grande Resort.

El Médano:

The safest beach for swimming in Cabo San Lucas and one of the most popular. It is located near downtown and also offers a wide variety of water activities. In it you will find restaurants, bars and vendors that offer all kinds of souvenirs.

El Chileno:

A favorite of tourists for its crystal clear waters, white sand, parking, public toilets and security. It is known for its abundant marine life such as urchins, colorful fish and many more species, as it is ideal for snorkeling, diving and kayaking.

Las Viudas:

It is a beautiful beach almost always lonely, it is characterized by its rocky formations and its waves are not very strong. Here you can totally swim. But it is recommended not to bring children because the rocks can be dangerous for them.

Outdoor Adventures

If for you, vacation gear includes a backpack and a pair of hiking boots, then Los Cabos is the right place.

Known for its awesome bouldering, Los Cabos’ beaches and trails call on the experienced rock climber to remove the ropes and harnesses, put on some hiking shoes, get out the chalk and conquer some serious bouldering problems, a term used to describe the path climbers take to complete a climb.

From water sports to ziplines and ATV rides, Los Cabos is the place to have an experience full of adrenaline.

Whether you’re up for off-roading the Baja California Sur dirt racetracks, sailing the high

Guy climbing at Cabo
Fishing rod and sunset at Baja

Fishing & Charters

Sportfishing in Los Cabos is a year-round activity, and specific seasons highlight the wealth of species here.

Los Cabos could quite possibly be the perfect embodiment of a fisherman’s Eden. Its alluring waters even drew Ernest Hemingway, the godfather of modern sportfishing, to sample its bounty. What used to be a remote coastal village, an aquatic gem at the end of a long desert highway, is now an easily accessible fishing destination open to anyone wishing to get a taste of world-class angling.

Flanked by the sprawling Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other, the Baja California peninsula is surrounded by prolific, nutrient-rich waters that fuel an immense marine food chain, where diverse inshore and offshore opportunities hold promise of a day’s bountiful catch.

City Tour


The scene is always social and lively in Los Cabos. And something new is always cropping up. When the sun sets, Los Cabos wakes up again and vibrates with the unending fun of its nightlife. Cabo San Lucas is where most of the magic happens.

You’ve got to live the after-dark action of its bars, nightclubs, cantinas and live rock music venues, some of them owned by music legends. But the fun doesn’t stop there, also along the Tourist corridor that connects Cabo San Lucas with San Jose del Cabo, there are plenty of go-to places.


Only in Los Cabos do emerald green fairways tumble across cactus-studded foothills and sandy arroyos set back from the sea. Only in Los Cabos can golfers tee it up on dazzling layouts built by design legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Greg Norman and Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

Only in Los Cabos can players enjoy great golf and perfect weather: Blue skies, brilliant sunshine and cooling sea breezes prevail year-round.

With 16 courses currently open for play and more on the drawing board, Los Cabos continues to dominate the golf scene in Latin America.

Things To do with Kids

Sunning and funning with the family are top on the list in Los Cabos and there is more than a fair share of family-friendly things to do with kids. Fun outdoor activities include snorkeling in the placid waters of Chileno Bay, engaging in sea-turtle releases, joining outback safaris on a camel’s back and even swimming with dolphins.

A well-planned vacation can keep the kids busy for hours upon end, creating memories and stories to tell for years to come. Some of Los Cabos’ all-inclusive resorts even offer kids camps and kid-friendly events to make it easy to keep the little ones happy.


Shopping is pursued with a passion in Los Cabos as luxury is the standard. Various boutiques, downtown stores and retail centers attract tourists to sample goods in local markets boasting jewelry and wares. Malls are lined with clothing, accessory and houseware stores, and restaurants.

Puerto Paraiso Mall and Luxury Avenue are top spots to find high-end items from brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Dior. A quaint plaza might offer the perfect spot to rest and refresh yourself with a drink and a bite as you check out the local vendors’ wares.

Map out your day ahead of time and be sure to use the trolley service to help you travel with your goodies as you go from place to place hunting for the best buys.

Spa & Wellness

Travelers seeking a luxury retreat will find exclusive amenities and indulgent experiences hard to find anywhere else. From world-class personalized service to spa treatments and accommodations, Los Cabos’ award-winning hotels offer luxurious amenities to fit any travel style.

Whether you’re craving a convenient base for springboarding to the Baja California outback, an eclectic hideaway where wellness sets the tone, or a swanky suite complete with a private plunge pool, Los Cabos has emerged as a something-for-every-taste playground.

Camel Outback Adventure

Ride a camel along the beach to discover the spectacular coastal scenery of the Baja peninsula on an amazing tour from Los Cabos. You taste traditional Mexican food as you overlook the ocean; explore the fascinating flora and fauna of the area with a knowledgeable guide; and enjoy an exhilarating off-road expedition through dramatic natural beauty.

Additional services

Hospitals and medical care

We have the best specialists in the region, committed to working with warmth, integrity and professional ethics.

There are 5 major hospitals in Los Cabos: AMC Hospital – American Medical Center Hospital, AMC American Medical Care – Walk-In Clinic, BlueNet Hospitals, H+ Hospital and Specialties Hospital.

Insurance Services

Los Cabos has insurance companies to fill your every need. Because Los Cabos is regarded as a high-risk location for hurricanes it is important to purchase coverage for your home and beachfront property for damages sustained by tropical storms.

Private Schools

In Los Cabos it has given way to the existence of very committed Private Schools, if you are interested in giving your children the best education there are: Colegio Amaranto, Colegio El Camino, Colegio Liceo Los Cabos, Colegio San Agustín, Colegio Cultural, Colegio Colibrí, Colegio El Papalotl, Colegio Alfa y Omega, Colegio Horward Gardner, Instituto Peninsular, Instituto Cultural Baldor.

Banks and Banking Financial Services

Los Cabos area offers professional banking and financial services. Many, if not Most have English-speaking personnel and most have branches throughout the community, including San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos. You can find any type of service you are looking for to satisfy your banking needs.