Los Barriles (East Cape) beach in Baja California Sur

Los Barriles (East Cape)

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Located south of the municipality of La Paz in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. 64 km north of San José del Cabo and 105 km south of La Paz on federal highway 1.


Hernan Cortés arrived the coast in the late 1500’s and was fascinated by the natural beauty, resources, as well as the peaceful nature of the native residents.


Los Barriles has an approximate population of 4,200 inhabitants, of which 2,350 are Mexican and at least 1,850 are of foreign origin.


You can find a lot of schools for children in the area , also surf and kite schools near the beach.


Its national and international airports connect with the main cities of the country, the United States and Canada. La Paz International Airport, located 10 km north of the city, receives daily flights from Los Angeles, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, among other cities, through airports such as Aerocalifornia, Aeroméxico and Aerolitoral.

Beach at East Cape, Baja

A great place to retire and live for its crystal clear waters and white sand, capital of importants sports like Kiteboarding and Windsurf. Preserves that lightened and lonely atmosphere that made Baja California Sur so popular, definitely a paradise.

What to do:

In Los Barriles is an activity that attracts tourists from the entire world and who take part in the anual tournaments such as the Bisbee Circuit that is held in September and that is taken by hundreds of international fishing lovers who compete for the first prize.

Sportfishing rod
Girl snorkeling at Baja

There are few places in the Gulf of California that are as rich in flora and fauna as Los Barriles. There are also exciting quad rides along the hills up to several beaches with transparent water where you can snorkel.

Surf & Windsurfing

From March to December, the winds that predomínate the zone let these adventure lovers live their favorite experience.

Man surfing trough a wave
Offroad truck racing at Baja

Off Road is also highly practiced in the surrounding areas of Los Barriles.


You can visit really cheap restaurants in Los Barriles like Bajaus, Caffe Encinalito, Vagos Sport Bar & Cantina, Beans And Rice Tako Bar and more.

Restaurant at Los Barriles, B.C.S.
Couple taking a walk on the shore
Take a Walk

There are huge extensions of desert beaches where you can walk along dirt roads and see with nomad surfers and Young travelers who arrived to explore this remote corner in Mexico.

Watch the Whale Shark

One of the species that are abundant is the whale shark, a harmless species for men since, unlike its feared relatives: it only eats diminutive animals and algae. Its mouth that can measure up to one meter has no teeth so it filters its food through its gills.

Whale shark close-up
Additional services
Security Services

Federal Roads Police, Green Angels services and emergency services that may be provided by the authorities of the closest population: Red Cross, Fire, Municipal Police, etc.

Insurance Services

You can find insurance companies to fill your every need. Because Los Barriles is regarded as a high-risk location for hurricanes it is important to purchase coverage for your home and beachfront property for damages sustained by tropical storms.


In Los Barriles it has given way to the existence of very committed Private Schools, if you are interested in giving your children the best education, and you can find surf and kite schools.

Banks & Banking Financial Services

Offer professional banking and financial services. Many, if not Most have English-speaking personnel and most have branches throughout the community you can find also any type of service you are looking for.