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Crystal clear water at Loreto, Baja Sur

About Loreto Real Estate

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One of the most targeted places to invest in real estate in Baja. Loreto is the oldest town on the Baja California Sur peninsula, it was founded in 1697. It is a magical town full of history because it was the starting point for the Jesuit friars who left for the new territory of America to consummate their evangelizing work: reason why it is considered like the head and mother of all the missions of the state.

The Loreto real estate market is on the rise as many investors have come to the city to build many developments of many kinds; homes, commercial, rentals, and much more. Definitely a really valuable spot on Baja to invest in real estate.

This real estate sector is mostly supported by foreigners who love to retire in these peaceful lands; most of them from the USA and Canada. However, they are not the only target market; as baja locals have gotten interested in investing on the real estate market in the area.

If you have any questions or want to know more about Loreto real estate do not hesitate and contact us now, we’d gladly help you out!

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Loreto (or Conchó) is a resort town and municipal seat of Loreto Municipality, located on the Gulf of California in eastern Baja California Sur state, Mexico.


Loreto is the only Magical Town settled on the shore of the Gulf of California. A charming place that combines the best of nature with colonial buildings that keep great secrets.

The interior of the mission of Our Lady of Loreto contains liturgical objects, oil paintings from the 1697th century, a baroque style altarpiece in gold and the figure of the virgin that was used by Juan María de Salvatierra to found the mission in XNUMX, true treasures for those who they like sacred art.


The Municipality of Loreto (which includes Nopoló, Puerto Escondido, San Javier and the rest of the little villages from the coast and mountains) has a population of 21,071 people.


The city has two public schools of superior studies.


The city is served by Loreto International Airport, offering domestic flights on carriers Aeromexico, AeroCalafia, and Aeroservicio Guerrero. It is also one of the few places to get aviation fuel in the Baja area.

International service is currently provided by Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air to Los Angeles. Beginning in 2015, WestJet has also offered seasonal weekly direct flights to Calgary.

So, what is there to do in Loreto?

Now that you know Loreto is a great place for real estate investment, we want to know a little more about it and what it has to offer to anyone who lives or visits the city.


A typical dish of the place is the delicious chocolate clam, and its ancestral preparation is a classic that you can not stop trying: the tatemadas.

To make the famous dish, the clams are buried under a layer of gravel on which dry bush branches are placed and set on fire. After a little less than an hour after the bonfire burns, the fire goes out and the clams are dug up. A special sauce made with mustard is added and it is accompanied with flour or bread tortillas.

Many say that this way of preparing them comes from the pre-Hispanic era of the pericúes, while others assure that this tradition is no more than 200 years old; The truth is that the clam clams are unique and are from Loreto.

Regional clam dish at Loreto, Baja Mexico
Insland at Loreto, Baja California Sur

Islands Offshore

If you’re looking for excellent water sports: diving, fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling etc., the islands just offshore from Loreto are some of the top places in Mexico to enjoy these activities.

Isla del Carmen and Isla Danzante are the two main islands, which also offer the opportunity for overnight stays.

Nature & Adventure Experiences

Loreto is a perfect base from which to enjoy Mexico’s great outdoors and take part in a variety of Nature and Adventure experiences.

The local ecology, the landscape, the climate and the proximity to the sea make this region a natural paradise for those who love enjoying nature. You can find experienced local tour guides who are ready to help you enjoy the best of what this region offers.

Fishing, kayaking, sailing, camping, surfing, horseback riding, nature walks, fabulous bird watching, cliff hikes, sunset cruises, watching the amazing whales and sea lions are just some of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in the area.

Guy surfing
Friends kayaking at Lorero, B.C.S.

Water Sports

With its calm turquoise waters, fine year-round weather, and uncompromising beaches, it’s no wonder that water sports are one of the main attractions in Loreto. Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, kayaking, water skiing and jet-skis… if it’s water based, you can experience it in Loreto.

Local Cruises

What better way to enjoy the scenery than on a local boat cruise? Local cruises take you on tours around the many islands surrounding the area and you can also go on a sunset cruise where you can experience some of the most wonderful sunsets.

Luxury cruise sailing Loreto's seas

City Tour

Museum tour

The Museum of the Jesuit Missions allows you to give a complete review of the missions of Baja California, both from the facet of indigenous life, as well as the conformation of the Spanish settlements. When the conquerors and missionaries arrived in Loreto, the territory was inhabited by the ethnic groups of the Pericúes, Guaycuras, Monguis and Cochimíes. The museum walks through the interaction of the Indian peoples with the colonization process through 18 missions, displaying weapons and other objects, both indigenous and Spanish, as well as documents from the evangelization period.

Enjoy the beaches

Loreto is a quiet and exclusive beach destination to enjoy the warm waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez and its other attractions. On the peninsular coast of Loreto and on its islands, there are wonderful beaches to enjoy in the water and on the sand. Most of these beaches are located on the islands near Loreto, belonging to the Bahía de Loreto National Maritime Park.

Get to know the rock art

Between Loreto and Bahía de Los Ángeles, in the Sierra de San Francisco, there is a site of cave paintings that is one of the most important in northern Mexico, mainly due to the large size of the prehistoric artistic works. The paintings show scenes from ordinary life, such as representations of hunts, and others that are more complex and not fully interpreted, which delve into the vital and cosmic vision of the peoples who carried them out.

Shopping tour

Loreto artisans have specialized in making pieces with the seashells that they collect on the beaches of the Sea of ​​Cortez. Some Loreto settlers are also skilled saddlers, while others work with clay, which becomes, for example, the picturesque piggy banks that have almost disappeared. These souvenirs can be found at Artesanías El Corazón and other popular art stores in Loreto.

Whale Watching

From January to March, the majestic humpback and blue whales migrate to the Baja California peninsula in search of warm waters to give birth. Observing these creatures in their natural habitat is one of the most popular activities in Loreto. Different boat companies or pangas will take you to the sea to see the animals when they come out to take the air and dive. For an extraordinary experience, enjoy the blue whales, the largest mammal on the planet, on one of these magical Loreto tours that are by far one of the best reasons to visit Loreto, Mexico.

Craft Beer

Around the world, beer drinkers have become more selective when it comes to their drink, and Loreto is no exception. The Zopilote Brewing Company has become a favorite place for locals and visitors to sample craft beers. Since there are no mega-clubs like you find in other larger vacation destinations, El Zopilote is the perfect option for a bit of laid-back nightlife.

Whale's tail at Loreto

Whale Watching & Sea Lion Colonies

From the Bering Strait, whales migrate to the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur between January and March of each year. To witness part of this extraordinary migration, you’ll need to visit ‘in season.’

Fishing Trips

Baja California Sur is one of the top venues in the world for sports fishing. You can rent your own skiff (“panga“), or contract a full-sized boat. Find your perfect guide to Sports Fishing in Mexico and discover just what a fantastic day out a sports fishing experience can be on your next visit to Mexico.

Person fishing at Loreto, Baja Sur
Colonial museum and church in Loreto, Baja California Sur

Away from the Water

Away from the water, Loreto offers the Museo de las Misiones (Missions Museum) that portrays the history of the settlements in Baja California Sur and contains some anthropological exhibits of the area.

The Misión de Nuestra Señora de Loreto was the first Mission to be built here in 1697 and can be seen today in the center of town.

Property & Retirement

Loreto is becoming a popular and sought-after destination for people seeking retirement options in Mexico and also those who want to buy a second home here; either as part of their retirement planning and/or a vacation home in Mexico.

Diamante Realtors offers extensive guides to living in Mexico, as well Mexico retirement planning, and buying real estate in Mexico.

Corridor at Lorero, Baja California Sur
Golf ball next to hole in Loreto


The weather in this area is ideal for golf, all year-round, and the region is fast becoming one of the top places to play the game. One of the contemporary golf courses in Loreto is Los Danzantes, which offers 18 ocean-facing holes.


Ensenada Blanca Beach:

Some of the most gorgeous stretches of Loreto Mexico beaches lie beyond the downtown area. On the shores of Danzante Bay, the soft sands of Ensenada Blanca stretch into turquoise waters where tropical fish dart along coral reefs.

Whether you put on snorkel gear or stretch out in the sand, you’ll discover spectacular views of Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico. As you gaze out from shore, you can spot some of the famous Islands of Loreto off the coast of Danzante Bay.

These small mountainous islands gently rise out of the water, sparking the imagination, and of all the Loreto Mexico beaches, Ensenada Blanca has some of the best views of the islands. While Ensenada Blanca is about 30 minutes from downtown, its seclusion in Danzante Bay is perfect for a day of relaxing and escaping the crowds.

Islands of Loreto:

To see more of the Islands of Loreto, you can hop on a boat and tour these majestic spots in the Loreto Bay. On the islands, you’ll find a mix of rocky shores and sandy beaches, but if you keep your eyes open, you can also spot sea lions, whales, tropical fish, and sea turtles out in the water.

With seabirds cawing overhead and the wonders of the sea below you, snorkeling and photography are two of the most popular activities on the islands. These Baja Mexico islands are secluded, so you’ll have to bring your own water and snacks, but escaping to the Islands of Loreto is always a perfect way to spend the day on vacation.

Downtown Loreto Beach:

Loreto Baja California Sur Mexico isn’t the most bustling destination, but all of its historical charm and warm hospitality is infused into the ocean breeze. After exploring downtown and sampling the authentic dishes of Baja Mexico, one of the most popular places to stroll is the Malecon boardwalk along the beach.

This is one of the most popular Loreto Mexico beaches for local families to gather and play volleyball or build sandcastles. To experience the best of Loreto Mexico, spend an afternoon enjoying the small-town friendliness of the downtown Loreto beach.

Playa Oasis:

At the southernmost tip of the boardwalk, Playa Oasis extends another couple hundred meters down the shoreline. This gives locals and visitors more room to spread out and find seclusion while still being within walking distance of various bars and shops.

As you swim in the blue waters at this point in the Loreto Bay, you’ll truly feel like you’ve discovered an oasis in the midst of the city. Afterward, you can try one of the local restaurants and sample homemade authentic Mexican cuisine.

Honeymoon Beach:

Some of the best beaches in Loreto Baja California Sur are only accessible by small or big boats. On the islands, you can enjoy their crystal clear waters and their panoramic views of land and sea.

You can walk along its white beaches or dive into the turquoise sea at Playa Luna de Miel on Isla Danzante. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California, but it is a small beach, only a boat ride away.

La Picazón:

A beautiful beach located at the northern end of the Bahía de Loreto National Park.

This beach is ideal for snorkelling. The area presents a great variety of marine fauna, including dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions as well as a variety of reef fish. In front of this beach you can see Coronado Island.

Additional services
Telephone & Internet Access

Internet cafes can be easily found in towns and cities across Mexico and WiFi and mobile data widely available in Loreto.

Exchanging Currency

Banks with ATM machines can be found in the downtown area of Loreto. During business hours, they and the Casas de Cambio offer foreign exchange.

International Airport

With an international airport and direct flights from the US and Canada arriving daily, Mexico vacations are a popular choice whether you’re seeking a quick getaway or looking for hassle-free travel.

When it comes to feeling at home, a quick flight will put you at ease and give you more time to spend enjoying Baja Mexico. Of all the exotic and exciting Mexico destinations, the accessibility of Loreto Mexico makes returning to your home away from home quick and easy with direct flights from the US and Canada.

Medical Care

Medical services are offered at the Centro de Salud hospital, on Hwy. 1 between Loreto and the airport. The center is open 24 hours for emergencies , and from 8 to 10am and 3 to 5pm for general consultations.