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Baja Sur sunset

Cost of Living in La Paz, Mexico

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La Paz is a small city with a population of approximately 250,000 people, a unique destination situated on the Baja California Peninsula. This city is well-known for its stunning seafront boardwalk that spans almost 2 km. While visiting La Paz, you can take advantage of the many beautiful parks and see art all around, inspired by both international and Mexican artists.

The cost of living in La Paz is considered to be low based on other places in the world.

Food & Dining

La Paz is dependent on local ingredients such as their fresh seafood, plants, spices, and herbs to create authentic Mexican eats. You’ll also find many street carts selling tacos, churros, and other delicacies right alongside the roads. Prices are reasonable in La Paz for both food items from the local markets, pubs, and fancy restaurants.


La Paz is an accessible city to get around, mainly because most of the items you’ll want or need are located on the boardwalk or a few miles inland. For this reason, many people choose to travel on foot.

Healthcare & Medical Expenses

If you are a Mexican citizen, you are guaranteed access to free healthcare and medicine. Private health insurance varies, but on average, you will pay $20,000 Mxn (1,000.00 USD) per year for your policy.

Real Estate and Property Tax

Mexico has a system of taxing property that involves two forms of taxes. The acquisition tax rate is 2% of the property’s assessed value when you make the purchase. Predial (annual property taxes) in Mexico are very inexpensive. This tax rate is based on the size and location of the property. The calculation is a fraction of your property’s worth.

One can indeed find an excellent quality of life living in La Paz. An added benefit of residing in Mexico is the proximity to the United States. This allows for easy access to both countries should you be interested in visiting.

The cost of living index for La Paz is very low, compared to some other places like Mexico City, Tulum, Mazatlan, Cancun, Nuevo Vallarta… Beautiful weather, fresh seafood, and a relaxed and quiet way of living make La Paz an excellent location to reside.

There’s more to Mexico than Cancun, Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta—and sometimes it’s the under-the-radar locales that offer the most spectacular experiences. La Paz, located in the southern portion of the Baja California Peninsula, has everything you’d want in a sunny getaway. Here’s what you can do in Mexico’s best-kept secret.