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Homebuyers Should Never Skip the Final Walk Through

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What is the final walk through?

After the madness of closing on a home, the final walk through can feel redundant or unnecessary – and sometimes buyers are tempted to skip it completely. No matter how busy you are, however, the final walk through should remain a priority as part of your home buying process. Here’s what you need to know.

The final walk through is exactly what it sounds like: the new homeowner takes a physical tour of their house right before closing. The purpose of the final walk through is to make sure the house you’re buying is in the condition you agreed to when you bought it. The final walk through is not an inspection, though – that should already have been done by a licensed professional.

The final walk through is not required by law – however, as a buyer, you should be highly motivated to complete this. You want to make sure everything is in working order as expected, and that nothing has gone wrong as a result of the former owner vacating the property (if indeed they are no longer there). If any repairs were supposed to be made as a condition of the sale, you want to make sure that they’ve been completed.

Tips And A Complete Checklist Before You Close

Inside The Home

Check that light fixtures and outlets are accounted for and in working condition.
Test faucets and check for leaks, test the hot water, make sure all drains are clear and properly draining water.
Look out for mold or water damage.
Test all appliances, including the stove, washing machine and dishwasher. Make sure the fridge is cold.
Check that doors and windows open, close and lock.
Ensure that all fixtures (anything attached to the home, including window treatments or toilet paper holders) remain in the home.
Flush the toilets.
Inspect walls and floors for damage.
Check the garbage disposal and exhaust fans.
Test the thermostat (heat and air conditioning) and check out HVAC units.
Check that the seller’s belongings are gone, and that debris is removed.
Ensure the home has been swept or vacuumed and isn’t excessively dirty.
In addition to having your own checklist, bring your real estate agent along with you when you attend the final walkthrough. If you took the time to find the right agent, they’ll be an old pro at knowing what to look for and guiding you through the walkthrough.

Outside The Home

Ensure garage door openers (and any remotes that come with them) are working.
Check for debris outside the house.
Look for obvious signs of pests.
Look for damage to the yard, mailbox or other signs of disrepair.
Make sure yard items that were sold with the house – storage sheds, landscaping, etc. – remain with the home and haven’t been taken or dug up.

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