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Balandra beach at La Paz, BCS

Guide to Airbnb Real Estate Investing

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The vacational rental booking boom is here, and it’s likely to continue for the months and years ahead.

There are so many markets that offer a significant return on investment for hosts and investors alike that it can be a challenge to pinpoint the top Airbnb locations. Getting into the short-term rental space can be daunting — but it doesn’t have to be. Here is a quick list of essentials aspiring hosts and investors need to know and the tools to tackle any investment in the Short Term Rental space.

Identify The Best Places To Buy Rental Property

Baja Sur is TOP of the list in México. We have Los Cabos, La Paz, Todos Santos, La Ventana… each one of this locations with great opportunitys in real estate investments, close to each other so if you buy in La Paz you will be less than 2 hours from Los Cabos. Or buy in Los Cabos and you are 45 min away from Todos Santos. Clearly the market in Baja California Sur real estate is on the rise. The time to act is now if you want to get some of the action!


Virtually all markets have high and low seasons. This is especially true for destination markets like lakeside retreats, ski towns, and beaches. In Baja Sur we have high season all year. When is low season for foreign clients it becames high season for nationals and locals! YES you have rentals all year around.

Short-term Rental Research

While some markets are flooded with vacation rentals, others are hidden gems with high occupancy rates. Baja Sur is truly a hidden treasure. If you have a property in a gated comunnity with amenities, you can make $200 usd per night easily.

Pricing Your Airbnb Smartly

If you’re at the point where you’re wondering, what are the Airbnb rates in my area like, We have the answer. At DIAMANTE REALTORS we will help you all the way. Proving data for you so you can be sure on your investment.

Whether this is your first glance into the short-term rental and real estate space or you’ve flirted with jumping in for years, DIAMANTE REALTORS gives you the tools, data, and confidence you need to buy your next rental property.