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Effects of Landscaping on Property Values

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Protect your home when landscaping by understanding how landscaping affects home value.

Landscaping Can Significantly Impact Home Values.

1. Mature Landscaping Can Add Value to a Property

Many homeowners hope that their landscaping efforts will earn them a return on their investment. It’s widely known that mature landscaping not only adds beauty to your lawn, but when planted correctly, can also increase a home’s value.

2. Where Trees Are Planted Can Affect Your Home’s Value

Trees can have a big effect on property value. When trees are planted too close to the home, large tree roots can extend underneath the property, causing foundation issues. Large tree roots can also break through concrete and damage walkways or patios. Tree roots also naturally grow toward water sources, which causes them to grow toward sewer lines. When a root finds a leak in a water pipe, it will quickly grow into the pipe causing blockages, breaks and disrupting the water lines. This can cause flooding in your yard and a host of other problems.

3. Beware of Plants That Dry out Your Soil

In the spring and summer, some trees can dry out soil in your yard, potentially causing ground shrinkage under your home’s foundation. When deciding which plants to add to your landscape, be sure to take note of the moisture levels of the soil in your location.

4. Vining Plants Can Damage the Exterior of Your Home

Ivy can add visual appeal to your home, but it can also lead to serious issues. When ivy grows along the side of a home, it can damage the paint and siding. It’s even powerful enough to grow into cracks in bricks and separate them, leading to stability issues..

5. Native Plants Can Increase Your Property Value

Native plants are trees, shrubs or flowers that grow naturally in your region. These plants can increase property value because they often require less maintenance because they naturally thrive in their native region.

Benefits of Choosing Plants Native to our Baja Desert

Native plants are less expensive to care for. Native plants can improve the ecological value of your home. They provide food and homes for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife. They generally do not require as much maintenance. They need to be watered less because they have naturally adapted to the water source in your region, which also means a lower water bill.