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Beautiful sea view at Baja

La Paz Listings


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    Definitely one of the best communities for real estate in Baja. La Paz, capital of Baja California Sur, is the favorite destination for nature lovers. Where you can explore the world’s aquarium, swim with the whale shark, dive with sea lions or watch the gray whales up close.

    La Paz has become one of the most important destinations for retired people from the USA and Canada, who invest their life’s savings in properties they couldn’t acquire on their motherland, making this location one of the favorites to look for real estate in Baja.

    But that’s not the whole reason; people easily fell in love with the charm and warmth of the locals through the beautiful boardwalk, 5 km walk along the sea, accompanied by excellent restaurants, bars, shops, museums, art galleries, recreational parks and beautiful art sculptures.

    Real estate is a growing business in this city, not only for foreigners but also for their locals, taking advantage of the great real estate opportunities that are emerging everyday. For more developments yet to come, La Paz is one of the best places in Mexico to invest in.