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Beautiful sea view at Baja

La Ventana Real Estate


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    A small town really close to La Paz, both locals and foreigners love to visit but also to live here, making the area a great opportunity for real estate in Baja. People live and enjoy the beautiful town with magnificent beaches and amazing sunsets ideal for contact with nature, the intense blue of the sea and its arid deserts surrounded by nearby mountains, such as the Cerralvo Island, allow you to admire the natural beauty of La Ventana.

    An attractive town for those who love living in peace with not many people around. Retired people are not the only target, as the perfect environment for water sports La Ventana has to offer, has given this town a great variation of inhabitants who invest in real estate.

    Real estate is a growing business in this town, not only for foreigners but also for their locals, taking advantage of the great real estate opportunities that are emerging everyday. For more developments yet to come, La Ventana is one of the best places in Baja to invest in.