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Beautiful sea view at Baja

El Pescadero Real Estate


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    Pescarero’s economy is on the rise, hence becoming a strong real estate place was just natural. It is an oasis in the desert. The town borders the Sierra de La Laguna mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

    In the Pescadero growing area, there are palm plantations that surround roads and farms that coexist with a low density of private residences. In sight we find cherry, tomato and basil planting.

    Most of these products are grown for export and sold in gourmet food stores and markets in the United States. Fortunately, some of the products are also for sale next to the town; boosting the quality of life in the area.

    Pescadero real estate sector is mostly supported by foreigners who love to retire in these peaceful lands; most of them from the USA and Canada. However, they are not the only target market; as baja locals have gotten interested in investing on the real estate market in the area.