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This is why you will love living in Baja Sur

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Plenty of people are moving to smaller cities. Some people simply seek the simplicities that small towns offer. Living in a small city you can have the best of both worlds. While there are plenty of modern conveniences and attractions to enjoy, there is also less noise and commotion on the streets.

Small city means perfect balance between the anonymity of city life and that small-town friendliness. Larger cities can lack a sense of community. A sense of community is more essential to our overall happiness than many may realize. Research also suggests that people with strong connections are healthier overall.

Between rent and food costs, living in a major city can be expensive. One benefit of small-city life is the opportunity to save money. Property, food, and clothing costs are all lower, which makes it easier to save more from each paycheck. However, small cities still offer lots of activities to explore. I can go downtown on the weekends and get the city feeling without paying big city prices for my Happy Hour cocktail.

Studies show that people who live in small cities are happier than those who live in larger ones. In fact, happiness seems to increase as population size declines.

Moving anywhere is an adjustment, but relocating to a small city is much easier. Most small cities still offer plenty of amenities and activities. People can enjoy a lower cost of living and more opportunities to connect with their community. So if you’re looking to move, choose a small city. Choose Baja Sur and give us a call.