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Sea view at Baja Sur

Alondra Rodríguez

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Alondra Rodríguez General Manager at Diamante Realtors

I am a proud La Paz Native dedicated to the city. The city’s continued growth has provided incredible opportunities in luxury lifestyle and real estate. I have experience in participating in and guiding others in enjoying all the spectacular benefits that La Paz has to offer to our expanding community. I have experienced La Paz through unique eyes, as a child in our local schools, as a working adult in hotels, local business and as a parent with a family now. I love to live life to its fullest and I have acquired the abilities and access necessary to thrive in La Paz. I enjoy working in real estate, property management, rentals and focuses on client’s services and internal lead management.

I was born in La Paz and grew up in a spectacular neighborhood. I always felt safe riding my bike as a child and now it gives me great pleasure watching my own child experience that same feeling. The growth of the city has given La Paz residents amazing new restaurants, art shows and international events to attend right around the corner. The breathtaking views of La Paz Bay and the beaches can be seen from many luxury homes and condominiums that make you feel like you are always on a vacation.

My interests are everything La Paz! I love the warm weather and all activities which allow me to be outside. I also love to go boating and experience all water sports including paddle boarding, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. This magical city provides the ultimate luxury lifestyle that everyone around the globe dreams of and here you can always afford it. I am so lucky to say those dreams are my daily reality.