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Mexican Title Insurance

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Although Mexican title insurance is fairly new to the Mexican real estate market, with the introduction of new sophisticated investors this has become very common with real estate purchases. Several companies now offer Mexican title insurance with Stewart Title and 1St American being the most common. Diamante Realtors recommends that title insurance be purchased for all real estate purchases.

Who is involved in a real estate transaction here in Mexico?

Normally there are three to four professionals involved in a real estate transaction where a foreigner is purchasing in the restricted zone.

  • The Real Estate Agent or Agency
  • The Purchaser’s Lawyer
  • The Bank from which the Fideicomiso will be applied
  • The Notary

All four of these people will be helpful in their respective areas all though the lawyer is not always necessary . With many aspects of Real Estate purchases being done differently here in Mexico it is very important to always employ professionals who are familiar with all aspects of these transactions. We at Diamante Realtors are dedicated to protecting our customers interests, and to guarantee your interests we only do things one way, and that’s the right way.

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