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Model Homes

Diamante Exclusive

When purchasing a new construction home from a home builder, you generally have two options. You can intricately select each element of your home, though this can prolong your move-in date. Or you can choose a model home, with hand-picked options provided by the builder, ensuring a comfortable living experience without sacrificing your time. Spec homes are constructed by home builders who understand the balance between amenity and reliability.

Model homes provide all the stability of a standard new home while empowering customers to know exactly what home they’re buying. The home’s layout and flooring and its appliances and features are chosen by the home builder, not the buyer. This makes for a much simpler and cheaper planning and building process.


  • While you may not get to choose every detail of a spec home, this option can offer excellent value for money.
  • Instead of spending months doing the research yourself, or having to pay a design firm, professional designers will have already found the right combination of architecture, colours and finishes to create a beautiful result.
  • Some spec home builders use familiar blueprints and have greater purchasing power, which means they pass significant saving on the buyer.
  • Many high-end items you find in spec homes today, can be very expensive if purchased individually.
  • Knowing when you can move into your new home home is another bonus.

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time. The opportunity to make new memories in a fresh setting can fill people with such positivity, it blinds them to potential pitfalls and excessive expenses. Filling your home with cutting edge appliances and expensive extra options can seem appealing at first, but when the bills come and the overall cost of the home rises, any perceived saving can easily be lost.

Spec homes benefit from the experience of the builder in more ways than construction. Many important decisions are made by the builder during the design process, using what’s known to be popular among past customers to choose options. This cost-saving approach can ensure your home has everything it needs to support a happy future while not breaking the blank with unnecessary expenses.

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