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Sea view at Baja Sur

Cambria Dotterer

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Cabria Dotterer realtor in Baja California Sur, México

Born and raised in Southern California, I am a beach girl at heart. As a kid growing up in Hermosa Beach, I was lucky enough to spend lots of time in the ocean and on the beach in playing volleyball and joining the junior lifeguards. My love affair with Baja started at the age of 12 when I was selected as an exchange student to Hermosa Beach’s sister city, Loreto in Baja Sur. Fast forward to 2004 and never forgetting my Baja experience as a child, my husband, Mom and I purchased our first mexican property in Loreto. Eight years later in 2012, my husband and I decided to rent out our home in San Diego, buy a camper and spend time in our in our now successful Loreto vacation rental. We were going to “try it for 6 months”. 6 years later, we found ourselves firmly rooted in our new hometown, El Pescadero where we fell in love with the unique vibe and free spirited lifestyle. As a full time permanent resident for the last 10 years, I have intimate knowledge of the Todos Santos – El Pescadero area and love to share it with clients and friends! My business is built on communicating valuable advice, loyalty to my clients as well as positioning buyers and sellers for successful transactions from the start. This recipe combined with Diamante Realtors’ extensive network creates a gold standard experience giving both buyers and sellers a significant advantage in Baja Sur’s highly active real estate market. Come visit us and you won’t want to leave!