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Sea view at Baja Sur

Gary Marcer

White ornament
Gary Mercer realtor in Baja California Sur, México

Born and raised in Fernie, BC, Canada, post graduate education in Environmental Sciences, Conservation Enforcement. He is married with 3 adult children. He worked in Parks, then Construction for many years until we were able to buy a meat plant/sausage factory which owned for several years. We sold that which enabled Gary to live his dream and bought a guide outfitting territory. We ran that business for seven years during which time, we encountered Baja California Sur. We started winter trips here in 1993 at the suggestion of a friend who loves Baja and thought it may be the place for us too. In the year 2000, we actually stayed in San Ignacio for the first time for an overnight stay in a delightful campground on the river. On day four of our overnight stay, we bought the property on the river next to the campground. It took 20 months to get our title but we built a yurt B&B resort that grew past our wildest dreams. We had operated as a B&B for 8 years in Canada and knew that we would love to do that in our semi-retirement. We opened in 2001 and it turned out that it was a very full time job. We sold Ignacio Springs in 2018 and continue to live on our little ranchito in San Ignacio. We love this central part of Baja and it’s adventurous people. Gary is very happy to have the chance to be part of the Diamanté team!