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Sea view at Baja Sur

Gregory Borquéz

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Gregory Borquéz realtor in Baja California Sur, México. Member of Diamante Realtors; best of real estate

I am half Canadian/Chilean, I grew up in East and West Africa and the Caribbean. My mother was the country director for an international development NGO that focused on building health and educational infrastructure. As we moved from country to country we learnt to relocate with efficiency. My stepfather is a civil engineer from Mexico City that worked with the federal government as head of infrastructure for the water and sports commissions. I am well guided!

Having studied a Business Administration Degree in Mexico City, I am fluent in Spanish at a contractual level and I understand how business is done in Mexico. Before I started off in sales, I worked at a closing attorneys office being trained in the closing process. This has given me a significant advantage as I am able to understand the US & Canadian real estate markets and their processes and apply them to the reality of how the Baja real estate market works.

Working alongside Diamante Realtors as the youngest agent at the brokerage I have managed to be a top producer! Diamante Realtors focuses on knowledge and the understanding of the entire purchase process, our clients get to work with a whole team of top tier professionals that help clients all the way through the process!