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Sea view at Baja Sur

Gregory Borquéz

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Gregory Borquéz realtor in Baja California Sur, México. Member of Diamante Realtors; best of real estate

I am half Canadian/Chilean who has grown up in Africa and the Caribbean. With my Mother as a Humanitarian we learned to relocate with efficiency.

Having studied a Business Administration Degree Focused in Financial Strategy in Mexico City, I fully understand the Mexican Reality in both mainland Mexico and in Baja. This has given me a significant advantage as I understand US & Canadian Real Estate protocols as well as the reality of the Baja Real Estate Market.Growing up in a Real Estate Investor & Builders home, I have come to love Real Estate as it is the only topic of conversation at the dinner table!

Working alongside Diamante Realtors we have lots of experience with helping Buyers get a great deal on their Dream Home while being transparent and protecting their best interests along the way. I have chosen Baja California Sur to be my home over the past 7 years due to its unique beauty and its truly relaxing lifestyle. Baja is Mexico’s best kept secret, come experience its wonders for yourself, you will not be disappointed!