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Sea view at Baja Sur

Kenny Gehlhoff

White ornament
Kenny Gehlhoff realtor in Baja California Sur, México

Servicing: Todos Santos, El Pescadero, Los Cerritos and Elias Calles.. In 06 like many before and after me. My ist Baja experience was a vacation. Visiting Todos Santos walking around the town. Going to Cerritos beach. I stoped and said to myself, I need a exit plan. I Moved to El Pescadero in 08. And have never looked back. This is such a beautiful area that many now call home.. I’ve been in sales since I’ve been 27. Owned 3 business, and enjoy my life. I love people and enjoy helping people find what there looking for. Each area has its own unique vibe, that I truly enjoy. Searching with you to find the perfect place. Is my goal. And I can help you find it.. I never say good bye.. see you soon