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Sea view at Baja Sur

Miriam C. Welldon

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Miriam Welldon realtor in Baja California Sur, México. Member of Diamante Realtors; best of real estate

Back in 2002, Miriam and her husband, Robin, arrived in El Centenario, a little town just outside of La Paz, for a 3 week vacation. They fell in love with the lifestyle, the weather and most importantly the people of the area. So…within a year they had sold their farm and real estate company on Vancouver Island, quit their jobs, and moved here. Yes, just like that! In 2008, they started a new company, the only local El Centenario agency at that time, and have been helping all kinds of people buy and sell properties throughout the La Paz area ever since. Robin has retired, but Miriam has moved on to be part of the team at Diamante Realtors. She brings along years of experience, straight-arrow ethics, honest direct information, and a love of this beautiful place. Miriam Welldon…your El Centenario specialist!