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Beautiful sunset at La Paz BCS, Mexico

Refreshing peace and quiet in Baja

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An obvious benefit of moving somewhere with fewer people is less noise, but the true delight of quiet open space often goes unsung.

Trading off the concrete jungle for miles of trees and open sky. The peacefulness and spaciousness of small towns make quiet activities even more serene, whether it’s meditation, yoga, or sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea. Small towns aren’t always culturally varied, but in Baja Sur you will find multicultural neighborhoods everywhere without losing the essence of Mexico and locals.

There’s an unexpected change in pace from a big city to a small town, where everything from buying groceries to drinking coffee is often done slower and more deliberately than in a bustling metropolis. Shorter commutes and less time stuck in traffic. It takes only minutes to drive from one end of one town to the other. The towns like La Paz, Todos Santos, Cabo San Lucas, Los Barrilles, La Ventana, San José del Cabo are 2 hours drive away. So you can have breakfast at Los Cabos and go for dinner to Todos Santos same day.

Small towns tend to have a certain way of doing things, and values are more ingrained. People expect you to be more polite and respectful. Probably the most obvious reason to live in a small city is because the cost of living is not as high as in big cities. Property, food, clothing, and many other things are cheaper in small cities. You can buy or build your own house easier and quicker, you can buy a new car without huge savings, and eat better without spending the whole paycheck on food. It’s much easier to save money when living in a small city.

Many of you may disagree, but people who live in the small cities are much friendlier and sociable than those living in the major cities, who don’t have a free minute to talk to their neighbors. The problem is, most people who live in the big cities don’t know their neighbors and the city itself well. In the smaller cities, people know each other and help each other if needed.