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Selling Real Estate in Mexico

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How to decide who should represent your interest in selling your Mexico Real Estate

When it comes to selling your home or lot in Baja or Mexico real estate in general, the most critical first decision you can make is in deciding which agency and agent you will list your property with. Trust and confidence is crucial in this decision so your financial interests will be properly represented with possibly your most valuable assets.

We believe a good agent and agency will open all avenues possible to sell your property, cooperating with other agents and agencies to find the right buyer for your property. Equally important we think the right agent will be knowledgeable and professional to prepare your property and paperwork, so when the right buyer is located nothing will stand in the way of a smooth closing process.

Contracting and handling offers, in a fashion that creates a secure environment for all involved in the transaction. This is what a professional listing agent does and this is why they sell and close many real estate transactions, while maintaining a good reputation with happy clients.

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How do you know which realtor to use?

  • Always interview several agents from different agencies.
  • Make sure they are members of the local estate association AMPI, bound to work under a structured code of ethics.
  • Make sure they are members of the MLS system and your property will be promoted by other agents.
  • Ask for references, on whose properties they have sold lately and call and check their references to see if their clients had good results.
  • Ask for market comparison sales in the area.
  • What makes them an expert to price your property?
  • What exactly are they going to do to market your property?
  • Internet marketing?

All of our Diamante Realtors listing agents meet these requirements and will gladly provide our clients with references.

Marketing your property and general issues of importance

  • While we do have a small multiple listing service here in Mexico and in particular La Paz (www.lapazmls.com) the marketing potential of your agents agency is crucial in obtaining maximum exposure for your home. Make sure your agent is a La Paz MLS member so they can market your property to other agents who can also sell your property.
  • Make sure your property is priced by a knowledgeable agent that knows what a real sales price is and when something is priced out of the market. Ask for recent market comparisons that have been sold in the area.
  • A good agent will always request good commission’s percentages that will allow them to finance marketing on your property and also make your sale attractive to be sold by other agencies and agents. Our standard commissions in La Paz for properties sold under 1 million dollars are 8-10 percent commissions of the sales price. These commissions should always be split 50/50 between cooperating agencies. If your agent and the seller negotiate a lower sales commission, often you are negotiating away the marketing and curb appeal for other sales agents.
  • Make sure your listing agency has a good reputation and international marketing budget. Diamante Realtors enjoys excellent relations with an international group of realtors working in most cities in Canada and the U.S.A.
  • While most closing costs here are paid by the buyer the capital gain tax can be significant and needs to be understood. Make sure your agent helps you understand your tax liabilities or if you are exempt as a principal resident make sure they understand the rules of this exemption which change frequently.

Diamante Realtors realizes the importance of market exposure and we in turn utilize as many venues as economically possible to promote our customers’ properties. We believe a good listing agent opens as many options as possible to sell your property. While not standing in the way when the client is interesting in purchasing.

There are a lot of factors that can make the sale of your property come together and we at Diamante Realtors are an excellent choice to represent your investments. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will have one of our agents visit your property and help you with properly evaluating your properties potential sales.