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Understanding the buying process

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Understanding the buying process coupled with the right real estate agent that can provide expert representation and guidance will make all the difference when finding the perfect home or property.

The Right Buyer’s Agent Is Crucial

When you are buying a home or property, your agent will play a major role in the process. It is so important to have a buyer’s agent who specializes in and is knowledgeable in your prospective areas so they can find you the right property. Your buyer’s agent needs to understand the current market and real estate trends to provide you with accurate and dependable information to help you navigate the buying process easily and efficiently. They need to have the skills so that you can be confident that they will negotiate on your behalf effectively and ensure that you find and secure your dream home.

Finding Your Perfect Home or Property

Now that you and your local realtor understand your goals, your must-haves, and your budget, the real fun begins. It is time to start the search for your perfect property! Your realtor will use all of their resources to provide you with potential listings that meet your criteria.

Visit Potential Properties

Once you narrow down your options to your favorite homes, your realtor will set up showings for you to visit the properties. Keep a critical eye while touring potential homes and be realistic. Try to keep emotions at bay while analyzing the property. Does it meet your needs? If it doesn’t check all the boxes, does it come close? Prioritize your needs and make sure that the property meets your most important criteria.

Make an Offer

So, you have found the perfect property, now what? Make an offer! This is where having a great local realtor is key. Your realtor will provide practical insight on what purchase price to offer for the property. Everyone wants a good deal, and no one wants to over-pay. A good realtor will help you navigate this to make sure that your offer is competitive within the current real estate market trends, while helping to make sure that you get the best deal possible. If you make an offer on a property that is below the listing price, the seller will most likely provide you with a counteroffer. At that point, the buyer is free to accept the counteroffer, reject it outright, or make another offer.

There are more steps after the OFFER of course and we are happy to guide you from A to Z. We know every aspect of the business and we are well connected to notaries, other brokers, accountants, closing attorneys and tradespeople. We actively work to protect our clients from any pitfall we may encounter and to ensure that our clients not only find the perfect property but are happily settled in it as well. Most of our clients become friends… and recommend us to their friends. That is something we are proud of!