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Pretty sunset at Baja BCS

What to do in Baja Sur in December?

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Are you considering a visit to La Paz, Cabos or Todos Santos in December? The weather is mild and sunny, perfect for a number of fun adventures in Baja Sur.

Temperate days and cool evenings make Baja Sur weather in December nearly perfect. December is a great time to get away to our beutiful peninsula. December offers a variety of opportunities and activities, from warm ocean swimming and land adventures to up-close encounters with wildlife, including whale sharks and humpback whales. December travelers can expect warm, sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Baja California’s rainy season hits in August and September, and it is the driest in April and May, with soaring temperatures from July to October. Once winter hits, the temperatures “cool down” to a comfortable average of 68 degrees, with the water temperatures ranging from 72-75 F. The mild temperatures mean you can stay outside longer and enjoy the sunshine, making the winter months, including December, a popular season to visit us.

There is a lot this peaceful place has to offer snowbirds. It has an old-world charm, alluring restaurants, waterfront, and local natural attractions are enough to make you sink your toes in its sands for the entire winter. Baja Sur is also an incredible spot to get an authentic Mexican holiday experience without the overly commercialized feel that some other towns have.

Why should people visit in the winter?

BAJA SUR is one of the best places in Mexico to spend your winter in as it has an unspoiled old town charm. Its people are friendly and this slow-paced towns are perfect for snowbirds who are not after the fast-paced touristy lifestyle some other cities have. The weather is extremely pleasant and the town’s location at the seaside means it has a ton of pristine beaches you can pass time at. The towns are very much lived in and you can see people going about their daily activities with a smile on their face..

Want to retire in Baja? Many people are asking me, especially these days! Maybe they just want to live in a place where there is lower density, lots of outdoor living, fresh air, organic fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood, sun and heat – and an overall healthier lifestyle. Maybe they want to shelter in place in a healthier place. Or maybe they don’t have a big pension and their stock portfolio took a hit. Regardless, retiring in Baja Sur is a healthy and wise financial decision. Live better – spend less!