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Beach wave in Baja Sur

Why You Should Visit Baja California Sur

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Baja California Sur boast some spectacular mountains and beaches.

Northern Baja offers you Tijuana and Rosarito, destinations for nightlife and shopping. But the real jewels in the Baja are further south: in the majestic, untouched scenery that unfolds along the world’s second-longest peninsula. Here are some reasons why you should visit.

Baja California Sur is a great place for travelers looking beyond the Caribbean tourist hubs of Cancún and Tulum. The Isla Espíritu Santo, is one of the most stunning destinations. Located in the Sea of Cortez between the peninsula and the mainland, a destination called “the world’s aquarium,” by the French explorer Jacques Cousteau. Named a World Heritage Bioreserve by UNESCO, the island is a fantastic place to explore and also offers opportunities to watch dolphins or swim with sea lions.

Every winter, Pacific Gray Whales come to Baja to mate and give birth. The whale-watching season in Baja begins in early February and ends in March. The best way to see the whales is by joining a marine tour.

The town of Todos Santos has become a arts and culture place in recent years, with new galleries and art studios opening all the time. Founded as a Jesuit mission in the 18th century, the government named the picturesque town a Pueblo Mágico, or “magical town” in 2006. The official designation marks the town’s importance as a cultural landmark.

Seafood is the best in Baja. Unsurprisingly, given the location, you’ll be eating some of the freshest and most delicious fish and shellfish the world has to offer. Whether it’s mouthwatering fish tacos or pismo clams, you won’t lack for options on the peninsula.

La Paz, in Mexico’s Baja California Sur, makes a great base for venturing into the wilds of the southern Baja peninsula. Visit a variety of beaches, eat some delicious food, and see some of Mexico’s most beautiful scenery.

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