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Winter is a good time to buy a home

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Here are some reasons why the winter months might be the best time.

Traditional home-buying wisdom holds that the spring and summer are the best times to buy a house, and real estate trends would seem to indicate that this is true. But just because most people prefer to shop for homes during nice weather doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a house in the winter. For many shoppers, buying in the winter might even be a better idea than buying in the summer.

▪ You might have fewer homes to choose from in the winter, but you’ll be more likely to have an offer accepted when there’s less competition from other buyers.

▪ Most sellers are more motivated to offload a home on the market during the winter months, when home sales traditionally slow down.

▪ When you shop for homes in the winter, you’ll get to see how drafty the windows are or how cold the bedrooms get.